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Tulsa Emergency Dental Services

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Here At Emergency Dental Tulsa

we are happy to accommodate you with the dental issues that cause you pain and sleepless nights. Any damage due to an accident or tooth decay, we can help you save your tooth.

Our office in Boise or even nearby areas welcomes you to our clinic with our goal of bringing back your marvelous smile. We encourage you to save our contact number, so it is easy for you to contact us when you need an emergency dentist.

Don't let your teeth affect your ability to smile, save our number 800-432-723 on your list to help you get rid of your tooth problem.

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Services We Provide

Why We Provide Emergency Dental Service

Everyone knows how bad dental problems can be and that is the reason why we offer emergency dental to everybody. This will help us ensure that a patient can get the help they need right away. An untreated tooth problem has the potential to increase the chances of spreading the infection.

Why Visit Us Instead Of Going To ER

Physicians are another professional that can help you treat toothache by prescribing pain relievers or antibiotics. But they cannot tell you what will be the proper treatment and the causes of your tooth problem.

Instead, they will advise you to see a dentist examine your tooth, and address the problem. And that is the reason why you should visit us, instead of going to the ER. Seeking immediate care through your local dentist can save you from suffering from toothache, time, and money.

What Procedure A Emergency Dentist Can Provide

An emergency dental procedure provides the same treatment that you can receive from a traditional dentist. But here the two basic dental issues that we work on during your visit to an emergency dental:

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We Can Provide Immediate Dental Solution To Your Problem

A chipped, broken, and the knocked-out tooth is considered a dental fracture that occurs during a traumatic accident like sports injuries, vehicle accidents, accidental falls, and infections. These events may happen any time of the day, which can lead to a sudden dental problem. If they do, an emergency visit to your local dentist is advised. To help repair and fix the damaged area and to prevent the worst that might happen.

If you're looking for a clinic that offers emergency dental, you can visit our clinic or book an appointment online, by filling out the form on our website. We can help you determine what is the proper treatment for your dental problem.

We offer a complete procedure that can be done in one sitting. Our amazing dentist can offer you nothing but the best services. And we believed that there is a higher chance that your tooth can be saved if you visit our office right away. Or better yet, we can talk about some available options for your dental issues. All of the procedures we conducted can appear completely natural, therefore call our office for more information.

As people suffer from toothache, this is the top reason why people prefer to visit emergency dental clinics as soon as possible. Instead of waiting for a regular clinic to open.

Toothaches can be draining and exhausting but we can ease the suffering you're feeling. Generally, pain does not occur without any warning, it is always associated with signs like sensitivity to hot or cold, pain when brushing or flossing. If you feel any of these signs, please let us know by calling us at 800-432-723 and book an appointment to assess your teeth.

We can examine your teeth and look for the infected area that causes pain. Then, treat it before it gets worse. Cavities or infections are one of the common causes why severe toothaches happen. We can help you remove the discomfort you're feeling by advising on a root canal procedure or if untreatable, tooth extractions.

A tooth extraction procedure comes into two classifications: a simple extraction and surgical dental extractions. After examining your mouth and identifying the problem, we can proceed with treating your tooth.

Guide To Your Emergency Dental Terminology

Dental Abscess

Is a bacterial infection that spread through the root tips or around the roots.


It is an inflammation or swelling of soft tissues that is usually happening around the wisdom teeth.

Lateral Luxation

A term used to describe a tooth displacement that moves in the wrong directions while it is still attached to your gums.

Facial Cellulitis

This refers to a more serious condition where there are an infection of the skin and underlying soft tissues, making your face swell.

Tooth Avulsion

Is a dental injury where a complete displacement of the tooth or simply a dental term used to describe a tooth that has been knocked out. Generally, a trip to the dentist and re-implanted is the best treatment for it.

Tooth Avulsion

Is a dental injury where a complete displacement of the tooth or simply a dental term used to describe a tooth that has been knocked out. Generally, a trip to the dentist and re-implanted is the best treatment for it.

Irreversible Pulpitis

A condition where pulpal inflammation or pain doesn't go away even after removing the causes of pain. On the other hand, reversible pulpitis is where the inflammation is mild and the discomfort goes away after treating the source of the problem.

Tooth Fracture

A tooth becomes fractured when there is a break or crack in the hard shell of the tooth. It usually occurs due to traumatic accidents like car accidents, sports injury and others.